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Walter’s Bubble Bar Mini Game
Players see four 4-slot reels (4x4 grid) spin and images of Walter the Caterpillar appear on the reels. The number of spins in the mini game is determined by the number of Scatter symbols revealed during the main game.
First, Walter blows three bubbles. These represent Multipliers. Player needs to blind pick one of them by pressing on a bubble. The bubbles pop and reveal the Multiplier randomly drawn from the pool {x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x10, x12, x15, x20, x25}.
Next, Walter’s images start spin into the slots. Revealed Walters stay in place, and after all the spins are over, Walter’s images are added together. This number multiplies the Multiplier that the player blind-picked, and result is applied on their Bet per spin.
If the player does not make a choice during the given time, random bubble is selected automatically.

Pick Me Mini Game
Players see a 4x4 grid of tiles with slushy icons. These represent different Multipliers. Next, the tiles are turned around and shuffled. Players now have time to blind-pick four tiles. After this, the tiles are turned around again, and the Multipliers are revealed. These Multipliers are randomly drawn from a pool {x3, x4, x5, x7, x10} and may repeat.
If they do not make a choice during the given time, random blocks are selected automatically.
Scatter symbols will enhance the Multipliers in the Pick Me mini game. See the Scatter symbol section above.

The Block Mini Game
Players see a 3D block with four (4) sides, a 3x3 grid on each side. During the mini game, only one side is shown to players at a time. Each side has its own Multipliers range:

·         First: {x5, x7, x10}

·         Second: {x10, x15, x20}

·         Third: {x20, x30, x50}

·         Fourth: {x50, x100, x200}

Players navigate through the grids and block’s sides. On the go, they collect Multipliers, which are added together and applied on their Bet per spin to calculate the mini game payout.
Scatter symbols will enhance the Multipliers in the mini game. See the Scatter symbol section above.
The mini game can comprise up to 12 mini game rounds. In the beginning of each game round, player must pick a highlighted cell during a predefined amount of time. When the decision time is over, the column is filled with three kinds of symbols:

·         collect and continue, which grants the player a Multiplier, and moves them on,

·         continue, which moves the player on without granting any Multipliers,

·         collect and stop sign, which grants the player a Multiplier, and ends the game round for them.

All the cells the player picked on a side leave a highlighted trail. This disappears when the mini game proceeds to the next side.
All the Multipliers that the player accumulated during the mini game are added together and applied on their Bet per spin.
If the player does not pick a starting point during the given time, a random cell is selected automatically.

Game Type: Game Show
RTP: 94.25% - 96.75%.



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