Nordic Bet-a-thon (Win Win Winter League)

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Wed Jan 4 - Tue Jan 31

Promotion Mechanics

The “Win Win Winter League” Network Promotion will run between Wednesday the 4th of
January 2023 (00:00 CET) and Tuesday the 28st of March 2023 (23:59 CET).

The promotion will be executed in three monthly segments, each featuring its own selection of qualifying games:

• January – 4. 1. 2023 – 31. 1. 2023
• February – 1. 2. 2023 – 28. 2. 2023
• March – 1. 3. 2023 – 28. 3. 2023

Each monthly segment features an overarching leaderboard and four weekly challenges providing players with additional opportunities to win free spin prizes by participating in quests and blitz tournaments.
More specific information on the quests and leaderboards of the promotion you can find in the Promotion schedule section on the next page of this document.

Opt-in and Participation

The participating games need to be positioned in a prominent lobby space. The qualifying
games need to be visible upon the players’ arrival on your website on both mobile and desktop throughout the promotional period.
We recommend preparing an exclusive tab of qualifying games for a better player experience and easier navigating.
A website slider needs to be included to your website (desktop and mobile). A banner example will be available for use at Bragg Gaming’s client area and can be used or modified for promotional purposes.
The games must have at least one promotional campaign structured around them (Email or SMS send out, social media campaigns, affiliate promotions, website promotion, etc.). We encourage you to share all promotional materials with us.

Promotion schedule

Each “Win Win Winter League” month will consist of an overarching leaderboard and weekly challenges:

a) Monthly leaderboards – Each leaderboard will have a prize pool of 7.000€. The winning
conditions will vary with each month:

• January: Nordic Bet-a-thon (Sum of win-to-bet-ratios)
• February: Slots of Ice & Fire (Sum of wins)
• March: Going for the Gold (Total number of non-zero wins)

b) Weekly Challenges - Consist of a 5-day Warm-up Quest and 2 Match Day Blitz tournaments (each lasting 24 hours):

• Warm-up Quests (multi milestone quests)
Each week from Wednesday until Sunday a batch of 5 milestones will be made available for player completion. Players may complete all 5 milestones in the given order at any point during the 5-day quest duration.

Players will be rewarded based on their success in the quest:

• 1 out of 5 milestones completed: 5 Free spins
• 2 out of 5 milestones completed: 10 Free Spins
• 3 out of 5 milestones completed: 20 free spins
• 4 out of 5 milestones completed: 30 free spins
• 5 out of 5 milestones completes: 50 free spins
• Match Days (blitz tournaments)

Leaderboard mechanic: Win Factor Total

Tournaments with a 24-hour duration. Players compete based on the quotient between the sum of wins and the average bet for the games played during the timeframe the leaderboard is active.

Once a player opts in for participation within the tournament widget, he is given a limited number of spins to score as many leaderboard points as possible. Once the player uses all available spins, his result on the leaderboard is final.

A player may retry the challenge a given number of times, if they are not satisfied with their result.
Please note: Restarting the challenge resets the player’s score on the leaderboard. The exact number of available spins and retries varies each month.

The 5 best players of each Match Day will win a share of 300 Free Spins:

1. Place: 150 Free Spins
2. Place: 60 Free Spins
3. Place: 40 Free Spins
4. Place: 25 Free Spins
5. Place: 25 Free Spins

January – Nordic Bet-a-thon

Monthly leaderboard

Duration: 4. 1. 2023 (00:00 CET)– 31. 1. 2022 (23:59 CET)

Prize pool

Mechanic: Sum of win-to-bet ratios

Players participate in the monthly leaderboard by placing winning bets in any of the qualifying games of the month.

Each win’s multiplier will be added as points to the player’s overall score on the leaderboard. The players with the highest overall score win the prizes.

The prize draw for the leaderboard will be executed on Wednesday, the 1st of February 2023 and the players are to be credited by Thursday, the 2nd of February 2023 latest.

Qualifying games

Book of Juno, Books & Bounties, Clash of the Seraphim, Diamond Safari, Divine Fire, Dragon’s Legacy, Dreamy Genie, Girl with the Golden Eyes, Mayan Fire, Mystical Forest, Nordic Fire, Ramses Book

Type: In-Game
Markets: COM

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