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What are 'Action Spins'?

'Action Spins' is a new feature that ushers in an innovative way to play a high volume of rounds of the Base Game or Multiple Bonus rounds in a rapid, exhilarating way.

How does it work?

  1. Head to Action Spins - Action Spins can be found in the section alongside the Bonus Buys as well as the Nolimit City Replay Tool.
  2. Pick your Play Style - Players have the option to play Action Spins of the Base Game, or Action Spin multiple Bonus Rounds. Where applicable, players can choose their play style, by either playing with xBet® or xRip® enabled in the base game - and selecting the subtype of bonus spins where available.
  3. Set the Bet -  Players will then enter the bet amount and the number of rounds that they would like to Action Spin.
  4. Hitting the Bonus - Base Game players can choose whether Action Spins pause once hitting the bonus mode - so they can experience the full Nolimit City bonus thrill if they would like to. Alternatively, bonuses can also be played through the Action Spins interface.
  5. Review and Share WINS! -  During the Action Spins mode,  players can monitor their total spending, their total winnings, and their total balance in real-time. Players can stop or pause at any time and watch any round in the full game using the Nolimit City Replay tool.

Why Action Spin?

Bet big, win big! Action Spinning is the perfect way to get through a large number of base game rounds or bonuses. For base game players, we foresee this will be popular for those with ‘Bonus-Hunt’ playstyles as well as being an alternative option to buying singular bonus rounds.

Players who wish to stake significant amounts on our games can now do so easily when buying multiple bonus rounds in one Action Spin session - rather than going through the entire bonus sequence one by one.

What about regulated markets?

'Action Spins' will be disabled across most regulated markets. We hope to receive further feedback from you on whether there are any regulated markets where 'Action Spins' should be enabled from your point of view - a reminder that this feature will have a mix of autoplay and bonus buy interpretation from a regulatory standpoint, so we aim to avoid any loose ends on this front.

When will it be enabled and would we need to do any extra work?

No! 'Action Spins' require no additional work from your side, everything will be enabled on our side and we can also disable the feature ourselves. We aim to go live with it with the release of our next upcoming game 'Little Big Horn' on the 11th of October.

Can we disable the feature?

Yes, as stated above, the Nolimit team can disable the feature should you wish to exclude it from your brand entirely.

The feature is still in an early development stage and is likely to change from a UI and graphical point of view in the near future, however, we aim to soft launch next month all dependent on the feedback we receive.

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