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‘Prize Drops & Mega Drops – Cash Prizes All Day Long’ General terms and conditions:
• This Network Promotion is operated by Pragmatic Play. As such, the prize pool is shared across the network of Operators who opt in this Network Promotion.
• The Drops & Wins Network will run in the selected participating games throughout 4th May 2022 and 8th February 2023 weekly, where each week will include in parallel:
• A total of two hundred (200) prize drops (each a “Prize Drop”), which will run on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays (These days may vary due to time zone differences).
• A total of two-hundred eighty (280) prize drops (each a “Daily Blackjack Prize Drop”), which will run daily only on selected Blackjack tables.
• A total of eighty (80) mega drops (each a “Mega Drop”) which will run on Fridays and Saturdays (These days may vary due to time zone difference).
• The Network Promotion Term is divided into ten (10) stages, each stage comprising of four (4) weeks (every four (4) weeks shall be referred to as a “Stage”), whereby each week within a Stage shall be a qualifying week (hereinafter each a “Qualifying Week”).
• To participate in any Prize Drops, Daily Blackjack Prize Drops and/or Mega Drops in the Network Promotion, players must open any of the participating games and join/opt in.
• The total expected prize pool for the entire Network Promotion is five million Euros/British Pounds Sterling (€/£ 5,000,000).
• The expected prize pool for each stage of the Network Promotion is five hundred thousand Euros/British Pounds Sterling (€/£ 500,000).
• The Network Promotion prizes may be won by players in the form of fixed cash amounts as set out in the respective prize tables further below.
• All prizes won during the Network Promotion Term must be paid out as a fixed cash amount prizes with no wagering requirements.


Daily Prize Drops
• Each promotion day within the Network Promotions Term includes one (1) Prize Drop or Mega Drop; and a Daily Blackjack Prize Drop (each a “Promotions Day”)
• A Prize Drop/Mega Drop/Daily Blackjack Prize Drop will be referred to individually or collectively as a promotion (the “Promotion”).
• For players to be eligible to participate in any Promotions Day, a real money minimum bet is required in the amounts stated in the table below or the equivalent amount in the Available Currency on the participating game(s) is required (hereinafter a “Qualifying Bet”). 
Mechanics Minimum bet requirement 

Prize Drop € 1
Mega Drop € 5
Daily Blackjack Prize Drop € 25

• One (1) Qualifying Bet may trigger one (1) prize from the prize pool during each Prize Drop/Mega Drop/Daily Blackjack Prize Drop.
• Only the first one thousand (1,000) Qualifying Bets per day within each of the Prize Drop/Mega Drop/Daily Blackjack Prize Drop (the “Qualifying Bets Limit”) will be counted towards as eligible for each Promotion. All Qualifying Bets placed after reaching the Qualifying Bets Limit will not be counted towards each Promotion.
• The Promotion rules and prize tables are built in the participating games/tables. The prize table updates in real time showing, the current standings as well as the number of prizes left.
• Prizes will be paid out as per the ‘Prizes’ tab, found in each of the participating games/tables. 

• Prizes are paid out to players as a fixed amount.
• A player may win multiple Prize Drops/Mega Drop/Daily Blackjack Prize Drops each Promotions Day.
• Each Promotion Day will end daily upon the earlier of: (i) 18:59 CEST/CET; or (ii) when there are no more prizes left.
• For the avoidance of doubt, any undistributed portion of the prize pool at the end of any specific Prize Drop/Mega Drop/Daily Blackjack Prize Drop shall be carried forward into subsequent Prize Drop/Mega Drop/Daily Blackjack Prize Drop Stages or into the next Network Promotion. 

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