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Thu Jun 1 - Wed Jun 14

Big Money Bang
3 Oaks Network Tournament Series


Network promos run on 3 Oaks’ HYPE Promo Tools - efficient marketing tools that guarantee the growth of players' interest and engagement. Network campaigns have demonstrated impressive progress for Operators with an average increase of 140% in GGR and 120% in bets!
A Network Tournament Series is a combo of regular tournaments with mixed terms, a Winning Mechanic and an EXTRA-Leaderboard reflecting players’ progress. Similar campaigns’ analytics demonstrate that up to 30% of players come back to the competition more than once during each week in the Series. Monthly retention among qualified players showed 15% growth compared to regular tournaments.
3 Oaks runs network campaigns at least 2 times per month and provides full support.


  • Growth of players’ interest and involvement and, as a result, Growth of GGR and Bets as mentioned above!
  • Impressive for any player Prize Pools (EUR 30-50-100K) and risk shared approach with Operators and 3 Oaks
  • Low marketing expenses (up to EUR 1500 per Operator)


The fully customized Local Promotion is also available. Local Promos are individually created campaigns exclusively for your audience. The local promo comes with the Prize Pool fully dedicated to your players and set up to better fit your playing audience. For details, reach out to your Account Manager.

To ensure the best outcome from the 3 Oaks Network Promo, we HIGHLY recommend that you follow the promo actions listed below:

BEFORE the tournament:

  1. 4-5 participating Campaign games in the TOP positions of the MAIN section of the Lobby and/or the POPULAR section of the Lobby
  2. Banner on the main page rotator to keep your players informed and redirected to a Promo page. Promotion and banners in social media.
  3. Dedicated Promo Landing page for the campaign, mentioning Rules and the LIST OF PARTICIPATING GAMES. The Promo Assets are prepared and provided by the 3 Oaks Promo Team
  4. Use our Leaderboard API/JS widget to show the In-Game Leaderboard on your Promo Landing page
  5. Warm up your players with targeted promo campaigns via the communication channel that you prefer (Email, Telegram, Viber, Social Networks, etc.)

DURING the tournament:

  • Pre-Campaign and push notifications in your preferred communication channels
  • Gifted FreeBets (i.e., Deposit Freebets) - using any of the TOP 5 participating games of this campaign
  • An option to guarantee Bonuses (deposit, reload, cashbacks) to your players for participating in this campaign

Type: In-Game
Markets: COM

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