Russian Poker

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1.    The object of the game is to excel the Dealer with the five-card Poker combination of your hand.
2.    Russian Poker is played with one deck of 52 cards without Jokers. 
3.     Unlimited number of players can participate in the game and each player can choose different options during the game.
4.    The game uses standard Poker rules for ranking and comparing hands where the lowest one is Ace-King and the highest is a Royal Flush (please see part 10. “Winning combinations and pay-outs”).
5.    The Dealer needs to qualify with a hand of Ace-King or better; otherwise, your “Ante” wagers are paid at odds 1:1 and “Bet” wagers are pushed.
6.    If the Dealer qualifies, you are paid according to a fixed scale of pay-outs on your “Bet” wager if your hand is better than the Dealer's or you lose bets if your hand is worse than the Dealer's.
7.    There are different options for you to stake extra money: exchange cards, buy an extra card, insure against the Dealer failing to qualify or buy the Dealer’s qualification.
8.    The uniqueness of Russian Poker is the fact that if the Player has two Poker combinations on his hand, both of them can be paid according to the pay-out odds of those combinations.



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