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Game Description

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese gambling game. Sic Bo is also called a Big /Small bet. Each player chooses the bet to place, and then guesses the total points expressed by the dice after being shaken by the machine.

How to Win

You can earn a return on your bet if you correctly predict the value of one of the three dice or the sum of the three dice. 

Game Play

  • Sic Bo is played with 3 dice
  • Player place bets by putting chips on areas depicting outcomes they want to bet on
  • The dice shaker rolls the three dice and shows their random outcomes
  • Players win for every number or sum they have predicted and lose if their predictions were wrong

Participation Instructions

  • The table consists of different bet areas/sections , and you can bet on any of them during the betting time.
  • Select the amount you would like to place a bet and add on any sections of the gaming table based on your guess.
  • “Confirm” your placed chips or you can activate “Auto” mode which will allow you to accept bets automatically after you place chips on the table. 
  • When “Auto” mode is on, the bets are automatically accepted after betting time expires.
  • When “Auto” mode is on, “Confirm Button” is still available , so the player can decide to confirm himself anyway.
  • Bets are placed, removed, changed only during the betting time. Once the betting time is over the Dealer announces “No more bets” and no bets can be placed since.
  • The dealer starts the button then rolls the dice automatically by the machine.
  • After the dice machine stops running and video shows each value of the three dice, the screen is illuminated with the lights, which allows a clear view of the winning bets and the loss odds. 
  • The result is determined by the player's betting: the player’s bet may win and be paid according to the payout table or simply be lost.
  • If the winning bet has an additional multiplier (in Aurum Mode), the bet’s regular payout is replaced with the multiplier’s payout. 

Aurum Multipliers

Players can activate Aurum Mode and get additional wins. It makes the game more exciting and attractive. During each game round after betting time expires, 1 to 10 multipliers are generated and randomly placed on different bet sections. 

Aurum Multipliers are available only when Aurum Mode is ON,

Aurum Multipliers affect on all bet areas except one-die Number Bet, Big, Small, Odd, Even  and Any Double bets. 

General Rules

  • All bets at Sic Bo  shall be made by placing gaming chips on the appropriate areas on the table. Wagers can be made during the betting time until the dealer announces "No more bets". Any bets received by our server after this time will be made void (win or lose) and the stake(s) will be returned to the player.
  • Each player shall be responsible for the correct positioning of his wager or wagers on the table.
  • Minimum and maximum wagers permitted are shown on the screen of the game.
  • A bet may be rejected by the system because of not being placed on time or not meeting the minimum or maximum requirements.
  • If the dice lean on the rim of the dice machine or overlapping dice disable the reading of the dice points, the dealer will re-shake the dice shaker until a valid result is obtained.
  • If the round of the game has to be canceled for some reason, the player`s bet will be returned.
  • In case the game was over with a wrong result all players wagers will be refunded for the current hand.



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